Steve Ross

Steve’s consulting and professional career spans over 30 years and has included hands on assistance to private sector organisations in strategic and business planning, sales and marketing, financial management, human resource management including change management, leadership development and mentoring.

Professionally Steve undertook a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting at University of South Australia early in his career. Steve developed quickly into a variety of senior accounting roles which then developed into commercial, general management and ultimately CEO roles.

Steve’s skills and experience have been developed over many years working in a range of organisations that needed significant change to be successful. Steve played a key role within many organisations in building successful businesses that were previously not performing to their potential. This played a key part in developing a skillset and mindset that could be used to help organisations be successful. Not only did Steve find this very stimulating and challenging, it also gave him great satisfaction in helping businesses he worked in enjoy success.

At a point in time Steve decided to ply his skills to help many businesses as a consultant and over the past 15 years has done just that. Steve has worked as a consultant for the past 15 years joining Gibsons in 2006 as a senior consultant and then purchasing the business with his business partner Paul Dignam in 2010.

As a Strategic Business and Human Change Specialist consultant, Steve has helped a range of Small to Medium Enterprises and Government Entities with issues and challenges and ultimately partnered them in a journey towards business improvement and excellence.

Steve achieves this by following a very simple process.

Diagnosing the issues and opportunities facing the business,
Developing strategies and plans to build a business that addresses the issues, takes advantage of the opportunities and delivers outcomes consistent with the owners and key stakeholders vision and goals for the business and for themselves.
Assist the owners and the management team to develop the relevant people, skills, culture, systems and structure to effectively transform the business into a high performance business and then to sustain it.

Capabilities and Specialisations

Whilst Steve possesses a broad range of skills across a range of disciplines he achieves success through high level strategic and tactical skills coupled with exceptional people skills that enable him to develop solutions and strategies, and with owners and managers successfully implement those solutions and strategies within his clients.

Key Capabilities include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial Analysis and Review
  • Change Management
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Measuring and Managing Business Success

Applying these capabilities and skills are only effective when a relationship based upon trust exists between the client and consultant – Trusted Advisor. Working together in that way has provided a powerful framework for personal and business success for many individuals and businesses.

The following are examples of successful consulting partnerships undertaken across a range of businesses and industries:

Developed and implemented practical strategic and business plans across a range of businesses and industries facilitating growth and substantial improvement in financial and operational performance.

Implemented change management and leadership development strategies and processes to successfully improve the performance of businesses and the teams driving that performance.

Developed and implemented major succession strategies plans to assist a quasi-government entity change its business model to a model based on systems and processes supported by effective teams rather than on key individuals.

Business restructures to improve financial, operational or human performance.

Developed and implemented effective sales and marketing strategies and plans to position businesses to take maximum advantage of their unique selling proposition in what is of value to the marketplace it serves.

Effectively mentored, coached and advised owners, key managers and management teams into becoming more effective in their roles and more effective as teams within the business with demonstrable improvements in individual and business performance.

Industry Experience

  • Mining Services
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Horticulture
  • Wholesale & Retail
  • Government
  • Not For Profit

Jock O’Keeffe

Corporate planning and business improvement specialist to government and industry

Jock has broad experience as a Company Director, CEO, senior executive and management consultant with highly developed commercial and business skills. His capabilities extend to strategic planning, company management, finance, business development, growing management talent and skills, advising on local and state government practices, transforming business structures and the systems to support them, and enhancing organisational culture for performance enablement.

The primary role of management consulting in both the private and public sectors is to assist business owners, managers and organisation executives in measuring, managing and improving the performance of the business. Jock has exceptional credentials in this area with the skills and experience that make a difference.

  • expert in performing business reviews at all levels, from strategic and ownership perspectives through to detailed finance, process, resources and process reviews and analysis
  • extensive experience developing strategic business processes and programs to efficiently and cost-effectively establish capability and infrastructure
  • specialist in developing and maintaining “strategic growth partnerships” with customers, suppliers or other stakeholder groups to improve business sustainability
  • deep understanding of leading-edge information,  communication and technology management practices
  • the management of large and small teams to success, by establishing the appropriate leadership development paths, coaching and mentoring, adapting cultural practices, and by providing training and guidance in appropriate performance management regimes
  • extensive experience in dealing with complex budgets, resources and expectations, and helping companies achieve  successful growth through imaginative and efficient management of these parameters
  • program and project management capabilities that ensure plans are executed as expected.

Before and during his consulting career, Jock worked with many different types of companies and organisations, in various industry sectors, and with a wide range of organisational characteristics. Some examples of this breadth and depth include:

  • Board Director: Many board positions encompassing public and private companies, government enterprises and not-for-profits.
  • CEO: Several CEO roles including the USA subsidiary of Australia’s largest software company
  • General Management: Roles included a Regional GM position based in SA for a top 10 Australian public company.
  • Executive Roles: Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Operations.
  • State and Local Government liaison: Interfacing with both political and administrative arms of state governments and an extended period operating in the local government marketplace.
  • Industries: Mining, Technology, Utilities, Government (Local and State), Aviation, Health, Logistics/Distribution, Communications, Tourism, Retail.

Graham Pridham

People Management, Development and Strategic Human Resources Specialist

People management, development and strategic human resources specialist

It’s been said many times that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Graham has developed HR professionals into value adding business partners, improved HR systems to deliver outcomes and not outputs, and aligned values, leadership and behaviours to enable growth.

Graham is a strategic thinker with a strong HR and business background who thinks first from the business end to build compelling and engaging processes that align organisations to their business strategy. He knows how to get the best engagement and alignment between people to achieve operational objectives.

Put simply, Graham will help you get the right people in the right place doing the right things at the right time.

Graham’s professional career spans over 25 years and includes senior Human Resource Management responsibilities in large companies, and consulting to government, NFP and private sectors in the areas of strategic HRM, cultural development, people optimisation, leadership, performance management, talent acquisition and growth, workforce planning and job/organisational design.

In recent times Graham has worked closely with both start-ups and established SMEs to help develop and implement practices that align people activities to the markets that client businesses operate in. His advice, counsel and support has enabled better alignment of leadership, team and individual activities to achieve higher levels of engagement between internal and business goals. He knows what matters to SMEs – improved revenue, lower costs, and greater efficiencies.

Professionally Graham holds a Masters Degree in Global Human Resource Management from the University of Liverpool, UK.

Capabilities and Specialisations

Achieving success only happens when our clients are successful. Graham facilitates this via advanced people skills that motivate and drive outcomes.

Key capabilities include:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Key stakeholder mentoring
  • Organisational cultural development
  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Organisational design and re-design
  • Top down and bottom up goal alignment
  • Talent pools & pipelines
  • Performance management
  • Hr people and process improvement
  • Learning & development
  • Employee engagement
  • Compensation & benefit design
  • Retention strategies
  • Talent attraction & employee value proposition
  • Policies and procedures
  • Compliance risk management
  • Career planning
  • Competency frameworks
  • Recruitment

Sector experience

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Software development for the financial services sector
  • Education
  • Government
  • Not For Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Labour Hire
  • Oil & Gas

Helen Morgan

Strategic Positioning for Business Improvement

Helen has worked for over 25 years improving and repositioning businesses. She started out as a copywriter and art director in the advertising industry, producing branding and campaign strategy collateral for a wide variety of medium and larger businesses including Philips (Sound and Kitchen Appliances), Suncorp, AMP, the Coffee Club, Queensland Teacher’s Credit Union and Cut Price Deli.

Helen’s advertising career led to a segue into becoming a co-founder of a dot com startup in 1998 that invented the world’s first one-to-many, targeted, trackable email marketing tool for marketers. It was adopted by the CEOs and CMOs of global Fortune 500 companies such as Gartner, CBA, Universal Studios USA, FedEx and Warner Vision. At the dawning of the internet era, they were looking for a marketing edge. Automated, data-driven marketing linked to e-commerce, leading to major business process transformation, was just on the horizon.

This experience taught Helen an indelible lesson in business that changed her career trajectory: No matter how expert and passionate your team, no matter how “leading edge” (or established) your product and no matter how ample your funding, a failure to astutely position your offering and successfully connect it to the right target market; carefully designing every aspect of your product, brand and operations in support of that position, is to take an unacceptable level of risk with your business. Businesses must be engineered “outward in”; with market need fully scoped, quantified, and driving all business decisions.

Products must be specified, built and manufactured as a direct response to well researched customer need.

Following her 10 year executive management career, Helen has worked in consulting and business advisory for 5 years, and helped many startups and SMEs recalibrate their position with great financial success. Her personal experience as a business owner has also resonated with clients. Helen’s business philosophy centres around helping her clients

  • Attract the clients who want them for what they do best (Position)
  • Align communications, behaviours, structure, systems, technologies, models and KPIs to support that (Brand)
  • Ensure culture and people are suited to the mission; trained in what this means in their everyday activities
  • Ensure the funding path/mode is understood so that businesses do not over or under-reach
  • Ensure that performance management, communications and governance frameworks include feedback mechanisms that maintain customer responsiveness.

Capabilities and Specialisations

Specialisations include:

Marketing team structuring and resourcing, Strategic marketing advisory and team mentoring, Positioning (Consulting, customer/market research and workshops), Production process mapping, Creative production resourcing.

Some Successful Projects

  • UNSW Global: Repositioning of the well-known ICAS academic and skills benchmarking tool for schools, for international markets. The global rollout plan was delivered via two Sales Training sessions (Istanbul and Sydney) for the international Sales Directors of the distributor, Macmillan Education, for implementation from July 2017. The repositioning resulted in 3% sales growth in the Australian market at the time of completion of the project, prior to the global rollout kick off.
  • Tritium: Helen assisted a Brisbane-based engineering startup to segment, target, and position themselves effectively within their most lucrative market such that they were able to focus effort on winning a $3m supply deal with a major player in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the USA. (Chargepoint). The clarity and focus that resulted from this work established the “proof of product” required to help them grow into a $10m business within 1.5 years, and they continue to grow. Tritium are now a recognised global leader in EV fast charging technology.
  • Department of Public Works, Qld Government: Working with her executive team, Helen led strategic and operational planning to effect a major repositioning that took the DPW Sales and Distribution Service (SDS) from $43m to $70m in revenue within 3 years. During this time Helen’s team won a $22m supply tender (extended to a value of around $150m over 4 years) executed a rebrand and engaged in extensive change management across the organisation to help it evolve from “operations-focused” to “market-focused”.

Industry Experience


  • Residential and light commercial construction
  • Large scale construction
  • Construction supply industries: Project Management, wayfinding/signage, earthmoving aftermarket, asphalt services, HVAC, architecture and interior design


  • Civil engineering and town planning
  • Specialist engineering (metallurgical fault and fracture, ecological engineering)


  • Vocational education (Qantm)
  • Furniture, specialist and general merchandise supply to schools, state and private
  • Annual academic benchmarking exams/products for K-12 (global research)


  • LifeFlight (formerly Careflight) – aeromedical
  • NDS Tasmania
  • Epic Assist
  • Campbell Page
  • Cancer Council Queensland


  • Banking (Suncorp)
  • Financial planning software


  • Microalgae production and algae products
  • Electric vehicles and electric vehicle fast charging
  • Mining remediation
  • Aquaculture and gourmet seafood farming and logistics


  • Startups including software and technology
  • Legal and Expert opinion
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Hospitality (restaurants/clubs/tourism)
  • Health (health foods, surgical instrument scanning)
  • Government – 7 yrs executive experience in Qld Government commercialised business unit

Ali Sehgal

Business owners and managers have always looked for better and more cost-effective ways of doing business. Recent global events and technological advancements have imposed an even greater need on improving business practices to remain competitive. With over 20 years of international commercial and advisory experience, Ali has been helping business managers doing exactly that.

Lending to his post-grad degree in Marketing from Southeastern University in 1997, Ali started his career in Marketing, Advertising, and Sales however gravitated towards more analytical and problem-solving roles as he progressed further in his career. He pursued two masters degrees simultaneously at the University of Queensland and graduated with an MBA and M.COMM majoring in Info-Sys in 2003. Since then, Ali has undertaken several Advisory and Director-level roles primarily in the energy and resources sector both in Australia and overseas.


As a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, Ali’s key capabilities include:

  • Business Transformation and Change
  • Business Performance Measurement
  • Business Process Review and Streamlining
  • Business Planning
  • Functional Analysis
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Financial, Economic, and Quantitative Analyses and Modelling

Career highlights

  • Helped the executive leadership team of a major government-owned utility in improving the quality-of-service delivery and overall customer experience (Cx) through streamlining operational processes and systems involved in new customer connections.
  • Provided strategic and commercial support to the leadership team of an upcoming e-commerce business, with special emphasis on strategy formulation & implementation, baselining business performance, and streamlining procurement and sales processes.
  • Helped the management team of a government-owned Australian utility to transform its supply chain and fleet services functions achieving cost reduction target of AUD $50M above the program of works.
  • Helped a 115-year-old newly privatised South Asian corporation in streamlining operational reporting processes and information flow to provide a ‘single source of truth’ for the executive leadership.
  • Worked hand-in-hand with the leadership team of a large corporation with multiple business units (BUs) in delivering an enterprise-wide cost reduction and performance improvement program. The work involved functional analysis of 28 enabling functions providing over 400 support services to BUs.
  • Helped Australian State Government Executive Leadership Team in implementing Whole-of-Government asset management planning and reporting framework for government owned assets worth over AUD $20Bn. The work was focused on developing a standardised mechanism for Whole-of-Government asset planning, performance, and reporting.
  • Led the analysis and planning of Whole-of-Government procurement of building, construction, and facilities management products and services valued at over AUD $5b per annum. Special emphasis was on embedding a consolidated category management practice for the state government.
  • Analysed capital investment projects for a large diversified multinational mining company recommending investment projects worth over $200m in new and sustaining capital investments with 100% approval rate in a post Global Financial Crisis era.
  • Helped a large mining business unit to streamline energy costs of mine sites and ore refineries through rearranging contractual arrangements delivering cost savings of over AUD $40Mn per annum.
  • Provided commercial and technical support in commissioning a 160 MW cogeneration plant connected to the Australian national grid.
  • Helped in transformation of a state-owned utility to prepare its back-end systems and processes in the wake of Full Retail Contestability in Queensland.

Jean-Jacques Lasm

Strategic & HR Specialist

Jean-Jacques, or JJ, has over 20 years of executive management experience. While JJ trained as an engineer (BTech, MTech) and worked for a French multinational as a Chief Engineer, his interest has been in business. Consequently, JJ completed an MBA (CQU) and moved into facilitating the formulation and execution of business strategies for client portfolios of over $150 million as a Service Director for Telstra. From there, he progressed into consulting across industries in Australia and Africa in diverse positions including Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, National Manager, and General Manager. For the last 15 years, JJ has been helping private and public corporations with market capitalisation between $15 million and $800 million to formulate and execute strategies for better governance, better business health and bigger profit.

JJ is a certified Quality Management Systems auditor (Exemplar Global) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors with extensive experience on Not-For Profit boards including Heartkids Australia. JJ has a background in organisational strategy and organisational development especially in facilitating strategy implementation. He is adept at supporting business owners and their teams to create and follow their unique plan and path to better businesses.


  • Organisational Strategy Development
  • Strategic & Business Planning
  • Strategy Execution
  • Business Development
  • Business Improvement
  • Quality Management Systems Audit
  • Personal Development & Talent Development
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Industry Experience

  • Professional Services
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Education & Training
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Information Technology & Telecommunications
  • Agricultural Processing & Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Not-For-Profit


Sarah Hannon

Relationship management and sales specialist

Sarah Hannon has been a Business Development Manager for Gibsons Consulting since 2014.

Sarah’s role involves maintaining and developing relationships with Gibsons’ future and current clients, and maintaining quality control for Gibsons’ client management.

Sarah is heavily involved in the sales process, client management and quality control. She is a key person in the reorganisation of the business development process which has led to improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Being responsible for the implementation of quality feedback loops Sarah’s work with Gibsons has contributed to our highly regarded reputation for quality of service.

With almost 10 years in Management, Licensee, Shareholder and State Manager roles in Victoria and Queensland, Sarah is experienced in leadership, coaching and training of sales groups with the outcome of increasing revenue per sales person. Sarah has been instrumental in the set up of sales organisations and in expanding the geographical locations of sales operations for a multinational firm.

Along with a Degree in Business and Finance, Sarah holds a Diploma in Business Management, two International Diplomas in both ITEC and CIBTAC qualifications.

A Certificate Real Estate and Property Valuation and currently she is undertaking her qualification as Lead Auditor in Quality Management Systems.
ISO 9001:2015

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” – Vince Lambardi