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A safe and merry Christmas to all!

The end of another year is almost upon us. Each one seems to go more quickly than the last and the business challenges seem to grow.

Despite what we hear and read about the economy being resilient and holding up reasonably well post the mining boom, our experience would suggest that it has been tough going in most industry sectors. Generally, it has been hard work to achieve revenue and profit targets in business to business markets and very few of these businesses are showing high levels of intrinsic growth.

What we are seeing at Gibsons is that the good businesses are recognising the need to take stock of their activities and adapt to the conditions. For many clients, things may be a bit tight, but they remain positive. Most of us have been through quiet times before and emerged back into the growth cycle stronger and more capable of taking advantage of new and emerging opportunities. If conditions are quiet right now, we know that the answer is to hang in there, trim back any excess, change whatever you need to change and look forward to a brighter future.

We would like to thank all our clients who we have worked with during the past year – it has been our pleasure and privilege. We trust also that you have found the snippets of information in our blog to be of interest and value.

We wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and look forward with optimism to the New Year.