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Going Digital in 4 easy steps!

If you are like the majority of business owners we talk with, then you would have heard the ‘you need to go digital with your business’ matter of fact statement from someone in your inner circle at some stage or another. While it’s well and good to say this, the following question usually remains unanswered: ‘ok, but where do I begin?’

In this snapshot I would like to answer this last question by presenting you with a 4 step guide to going digital.

Step 1. Register your business name as a web address (also known as a url or domain name). You can use a place such as crazydomains.com.au or godaddy.com.au

Step 2. Get an email address if you don’t have one. If you already have one then great! In that case get rid of your [email protected] or [email protected] generic email addresses and setup new email accounts under the domain name you just registered. Example: [email protected] or [email protected]

Step 3. Whether you like it or not, EVERY business needs a website. Even a simple one page website is better than having no presence at all. Why? Today’s consumers use search engines (such as Google) to find out information about a business or to look for business services, so if you don’t have a website you reduce your chances of being found, and you may as well not exist as a business.

Step 4. List your business on Google – this is FREE! Google has a neat process which allows your business to be listed in it’s maps, and gives your Google search listing a boost with information including images, phone numbers and more. To know more on this, simply type this into Google and follow the links: ‘Google my business’. Doing this boosts your digital presence and helps people find you using not just search results but via GPS units and smart phone maps.

That’s it! Now of course there is a lot more you can do within the digital space to boost your presence, but by at least doing the above you will have truly entered the digital space and made your mark on the www.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact Gibsons. Our Digital Specialist is ready to advise.