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B2B Marketing for SMEs

Do you have more than enough customers for your business?

Most business owners and managers would say no and, in fact, many struggle with the day-to-day task of continually generating new sales.

Consistent attention to marketing and business development is essential for any business owner.

Are you a small to medium enterprise (SME) with a customer base of other businesses (B2B)?

Most of the articles and available information about marketing focus on consumer marketing (B2C) but if your customers are other businesses (B2B) then your marketing approach is essentially quite different.

In response to this gap in information, we have put together a paper that provides practical insights into B2B marketing for SMEs.

It incorporates the wide and varied experience of our business consultants and highlights typical shortcomings that we have found in B2B marketing.

Starting at the very beginning, it examines your overall business strategy and looks at how to develop a B2B marketing plan that matches your business strategy and fits your business and your industry.

The FREE detailed B2B Marketing for SMEs whitepaper can be downloaded from the Gibsons Consulting website.