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12 Powerful Social Media Tips


12 Powerful Social Media Tips

Posting consistently to the many social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are all great ways to increase content.  If you post good tips and news and updates regularly, it will all serve as content in the end.

If you aren’t that familiar with social media, you need to spend some time on a few of these sites.  This will help you understand what the sites are about.  Then, you can begin getting your business in line with the sites.  This can be invaluable to your company.

Here are a few tips that will help you as you venture into the world of social media:

  1. Responding to all the comments made on your Facebook page is important—I know in your busy day, it may seem like yet another thing you have to do, but it is worth it.  Visit your page at least once a day, because responding to comments in a timely manner can really make a difference.  It will help people who visit your site get a good impression of your business, and they will appreciate your promptness.
  2. Use a background on your Twitter account that suits your business—Don’t just click on the first one you come to.  It may take a little longer to find the right one, but it will be worth it.  You want to give your audience a real sense of who you are. What sets apart the most successful people in life is quite often the attention to detail.  Take the time to customize your account, and it could make all the difference in the world.
  3. Check out the social media marketing methods of your competitors—Researching your competitors can help you get an idea of what works well for your particular niche.    Likewise, it can give you an idea of what doesn’t work well and help you know what you don’t want to do.  You don’t want to imitate your competitors.  Take what you like and put your own unique spin on it to make it your own.  As you progress in your abilities in social media, you will find new things you like and want to use.  Social media sites make it really simple to find innovative ways to say things and to express your company.
  4. Make it easy for people to find you on sites like Twitter—There are many blogging sites, such as, that make it easier to be found on Twitter.  Tweet regularly and automate your tweets so they won’t be forgotten by those who follow you.
  5. Don’t just plug your product—People tend to get up and go to the restroom during commercials. If they click your page to see one giant commercial, they’ll click on to another one.  What you want to do instead, is provide your viewers with engaging content.  You can use content that entertains them, educates them, or maybe even inspires them.  The “share” button has made it even easier for your content to go viral.  Even going a little viral will get your name out there.  No one wants to share a page of commercials.  Engaging, educational, or inspirational information, however, gets shared often.  Give your viewers what they want, and they’ll pass it on to others they feel will enjoy it.
  6. Be original—No one wants to share something they’ve seen 100 times on various sites.  They do want to share unique things that provoke some type of emotion or pleasant reaction for them.  That’s why you will be more successful if you create new and interesting content. You can find campaigns on social networks that are successful.  Look to see what types of content they share with their viewers.  This will help you create content that people will want to share on many different social networks with all their friends.
  7. A headline is often the first thing your audience will see.  Their usually larger, bold print, and stand out on the page.  Learn to create fun and enticing headlines for your social media blogs. You’ll see many headlines that are old, boring, and run in the ground.  A good headline, however, can lure people to your page, blog, or site.  Experiment until you find what works for you.
  8. Run special promotions or competitions on your Facebook page—Everyone loves to win something.  It doesn’t even have to be something big and expensive.  It’s just the idea of winning that counts.  Having promotions or competitions is one sure way to get your followers involved.  You may want to offer a free product, a small prize, or even a coupon for a discounted price.  Whether it’s big or small really won’t matter that much.  Don’t get me wrong, you’d probably get millions who would enter for the chance to win a new car.  That’s a given.  You won’t get that many for 25% off, but you will get a lot.  Not only will you get them involved, but they’ll pass on the opportunity to friends they know who they may feel will want to enter.   You’ll get a larger audience, and at the same time build goodwill with your customers.  It’s the kind of thing you really can’t lose anything by trying.  It also builds goodwill with your customer base.
  9. Not only is the actual content important, the format of the content can also be important—You can get your follower’s attention if you post it in a format that is easy to read.  The visual aspect of the content can make it appeal to your readers.  It will also make them be more apt to share it.
  10. Use the holidays to your advantage—The holidays are a great time to post content that is related to them.  Of course, it depends on what type of business you have.  You may want to post recipes, shopping tips, seasonal promotions, or family relations.  Mentioning the upcoming holiday will make it appealing to the reader.
  11. To get more people to see your Twitter posts, use hash tags—If you want to share cooking tips, for example, you could try using #food or #cooking tags.  This is a great way to get people who don’t usually follow you to hear what you have to say and learn more about you.  Your posts will show up in more searches, and be found by more people.
  12. Learn social media before you begin using it for marketing—As with any phase of your business, just jumping in without looking isn’t wise.  Find a quality guide to purchase that will take you through the steps of social media marketing before you begin your marketing campaign.  A good guide will discuss all the different sites and the advantages of each one to help you select the ones that work for you.  It will also tell you the basics of how to set up pages on each one as well as important strategies that will improve the quality of your page and increase the traffic flow to it.

Having your business set up on social media sites is no longer really an option, it’s an essential for all businesses to thrive.  There’s no better garden in which to plant your seeds than in the world of social media.  As with growing flowers, social media works like pollination.  Plant the seeds, and as they grow, your content will travel through the winds of technology to more people.


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