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Profit (Finance)

Are you maximising your business profits?

The aim of any business is to generate the profitability level required to sustain it. While it is not necessarily the only objective of a business, if a business is not profitable, it can’t survive.

There are a range of areas where Gibsons Business Consulting can help you ensure you are maximising the profit potential of your business. Clearly you will need to have the right marketing strategy in place, the right people and organisational structure and the right processes in place.

A Gibsons business consultant can help you ensure you have the right measures in place to take action when you need to in order to keep your plans on track.

Call us now to find out how Gibsons can help you maximise and measure the profitability of your business.

Financial Analysis

  • Review of your Profit & Loss Reports to identify the profit drivers in your business and areas of strength and weakness.
  • Analysis of your balance sheet to assess your financial¬† sustainability; levels of return on the investment in the business; and working capital effectiveness.

Financial Reporting

  • Review of your financial reporting structure to ensure that your financial reports provide effective management information that will guide your decision making.
  • Training of key staff in how to read financial reports and use the information that they contain.

Cashflow Management

  • Understand the difference between cash and profit.
  • Identify the areas in the business that impact on cash flow and how to manage them effectively.
  • Develop forecasts of cashflow to identify where action will need to be taken before it is too late.

Product Costing

  • Develop a costing model for your products or services that takes into account all the costs that are attributable to them. You can then implement a pricing strategy knowing exactly how profitable each product or service is.