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The 7 Step to Reviewing Old Website Content to Make Them Thrive Again

Using the right keywords in your blog is an imperative seed to its growth. As search results change over time, and as your business changes, you may find it a valuable exercise to re-evaluate some of your old content.  You will probably find some valuable content that simply needs to be altered using new keywords and used again.  Many of those old blogs that you posted that are like seeds planted on rocky ground, they can be replanted with the right keywords and can thrive.

Doing this is simpler than it may seem.  Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Look at your Google analytics and find your most popular posts.
  2. Read them and think how you could summarize them using only three to four words.
  3. Once you’ve got a blog topic figured out, look for what people are searching on Google—You can use Google’s Keyword Tool, put in your description, and Google will do the rest.  It will give you the results for your phrases and for similar phrases.
  4. Look for keywords that have low/medium competition.  This will help you to rank easier for those words.
  5. Check the phrases to be sure they’re targeting the audience you want to target.
  6. Optimize your blog post—Take the keywords you’ve developed and put them in your blog post.  Make sure to keep the content in readable format.
  7. Work the best keyword or phrase into your title and republish that post!