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Myra Berzins


Myra Berzins

Cable Laying Products Pty Ltd (CLP) is a unique business servicing the needs of contractors and end users who install underground and overhead cables. The company manufactures a range of specialist tools and equipment at its factory in Acacia Ridge and distributes them nationally to an ever growing customer base. It had a long history in Melbourne before re-establishing in Brisbane about 8 years ago and was recently faced with the problem of how to continue to grow and still provide outstanding service to a geographically diverse customer base.

CLP’s Managing Director, Myra Berzins decided to engage Gibsons to assist with a review of the company’s marketing activities. She said, “Although it was specifically our ongoing revenue growth that we wanted to address, Gibsons started by taking us through a short workshop to help us identify any other issues that we were facing and how they would impact on our marketing.

Over the last five years, they have become closely involved with our business as both an advisor and an extra pair of hands to apply to the projects that we identify and prioritise. They have helped us to crystallise our thinking into a concise business plan and to detail the steps that we need to go through in order to implement it.

“Gibsons have provided us with assistance in our marketing and sales, our factory processes, workplace health and safety and administrative processes. They have also overseen a major project to install a new costing system that will provide us with better management controls over our manufacturing operations. I think that one of their strengths has been the ability to work closely with, and gain the trust of, all our key people who now see them as a valuable
extra resource.”

Myra Berzins
Managing Director, Cable Laying Products