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Kevin Sullivan


Kevin Sullivan

About Kevin Sullivan

A highly experienced Executive Manager, with a proven track record in General Management. Kevin’s particularly expertise is in the macro areas of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Kevin has a proven track record in Manufacturing/ Engineering / Project Management / Logistics / Procurement / Supply Chain / Finance and Auditing.

Kevin has over 35 years of proven industry experience that can be applied to any business to dramatically improve it. Kevin has an extremely broad range of industry experience working for Small, Medium and Large Multi-National BlueChip Companies.

Kevin’s passion is in the areas of: Strategic Business Planning, Change Management, P&L execution, Team Building, Continuous Improvement, Cost reduction and Leadership Coaching.

Kevin has a proven track record of improving bottom line business results in very quick timeframes.

Kevin has a high degree of Mechanical Aptitude, and is very experienced in Project Management as well as strong attributes in Team Coaching, and Team Building.

Kevin will quickly establish a strong relationship with his clients, then apply his years of proven industry experience to bring about change and improve your business.

Kevin is a Trusted and experienced business Advisor, one you can count on for any assignment.