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Kevin Coates


Kevin Coates

About Kevin Coates

Specialist in Business Strategy Development, Planning and Performance Improvement, People and Leadership Change and Development.

Kevin has 30 years’ experience in developing organisations through people, facilitating leadership development and organisational improvement.  He has worked with all levels within organisations from executive committees, boards, chief executive officers, executives, technical specialists, supervisors, first line employees/ contractors and consultants.

Kevin has extensive experience across a wide range of industries in the areas of organisational and cultural change, leadership and team development, performance management, attraction, retention, talent management, development and growth of people. Kevin has led health and safety for a significant oil and gas exploration and production company and health, safety and environment for Australia’s largest geothermal exploration and development company. He also has extensive industrial relations experience and has facilitated new awards, performance-based enterprise agreements and contracts, and has facilitated the implementation of significant change in unionised workplaces.

He has held senior management positions with Australian based organisations in the brewing, professional services and energy industries. He has held senior executive appointments in the energy and consulting industries where he has been at the leading edge of significant cultural and organisational improvement/development programs.

Kevin has a depth of knowledge and experience in operations management of oil, gas and geothermal organisations. He is experienced with both office-based and remote area locations for technical professionals, managers and operational employees and contractors. He has lived and worked in all of these working environments and understands the work cultures and work pressures these organisations and locations can generate.

Kevin is experienced in research and development, operational and strategic management aspects of small, medium and large private and public sector corporations and Government organisations.

He has been closely involved in the start-up of several new organisations and the redesign and rebuilding of many operational organisations. He holds accreditation in a range of organisational tools and processes that can be employed to facilitate organisational and people change and development. He has also managed and facilitated organisations in decline and some to eventual closure.

Kevin has a Degree in Applied Science (Applied Chemistry, with ten years’ experience as a senior research chemist) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the QUT. Kevin also has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from UQ. Kevin has certification in organisational redesign and leadership development processes.

Capabilities and Specialisations

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Strategic Management/Planning
  • Business Planning and Improvement
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Cultural Change/Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Attraction/Retention of Talent
  • Operations Management

Industry Experience

  • Energy/Oil/Gas
  • Mining
  • Local Government
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Not For Profit