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Peter Spinda


Peter Spinda

About Peter Spinda

Digital Strategist | Digital Marketing, Traditional Marketing and Sales Specialist – Brisbane Based

As someone who has built several businesses from scratch, Peter understands the realities of building, managing and growing a business.

Peter started his business career at the age of 19 by building one of the first online bookshops in Australia. That business grew from humble beginnings (literally out of the boot of the car) into a company with National presence, rapidly carving out market visibility in a space of a few years.

From there he had number of smaller ventures, including his own brand of mens fashion accessories and an importing business.

Opportunity presented itself in 2007 when Peter established a very successful medical recruitment agency. In a short time Peter built that agency into a recognised leader in the space, using digital systems and tactical marketing to drive growth. Unfortunately for him and his team the healthcare sector and immigration requirements underwent significant changes only a few years after starting that venture, leaving the business unviable at that time.

Following this venture, Peter started providing consulting services to businesses seeking growth strategies, with a focus on building and growing businesses using digital technology. Peter also established a digital web development agency and digital marketing agency, to support the needs of his consulting clients.

In late 2015 Peter joined the Gibsons team, bringing his sought-after skillset with him.


Since 1999 Peter has been building his digital and his marketing expertise in hands on, real world businesses, and like other Gibsons consultants, Peter has also got experience in all facets of managing and running a business.

As a Digital Strategist and Marketing Specialist, Peter helps businesses grow and evolve using a combination of digital and traditional strategies, tactics and solutions.

As a Digital Strategist and Marketing Specialist, Peter offers the following services

Developing Marketing Strategies and Tactics – From pure digital marketing strategies (internet marketing) through to blended marketing strategies which combine the digital with offline (traditional) modalities, Peter can help your business make the most from every dollar your business spends on Marketing activities.

Marketing Activity Reviews – Running marketing activities but not sure how to be more effective? Peter can analyse your activities, delving into data (where available) to provide you with reliable advice that can save your thousands, and make you thousands in the long run.

Marketing Implementation Services – Peter can help your business implement  Marketing Strategies by providing regular, structured, in house services including:

Strategic – Strategic implementation is about high level data analysis with you and your team, helping you ensure your  marketing activities are effective, while also keeping people accountable to the task at hand.

Tactical – Tactical implementation is about hands on work. Peter has been engaged by many businesses over the years to setup the tactical elements of a Marketing Strategy that are too complex for in house staff, or even agency staff to implement, and to roll out complex business systems. These include things such as CRM system setups/integrations, various software rollouts, email marketing deployment and more.

Strategic Business Planning with a ‘digital flavour’ – Peter can help offline businesses turn into digital businesses (or at least embrace digital technology). His approach can open your business to new opportunities, helping you develop a digital business model to bring you into the digital age.

Business Process Improvement – Peter’s knowledge positions him ideally to help you understand where and how your business could use offline solutions and digital technologies to run a more efficient, leaner business. By embracing change, businesses can generate significant process improvements (thereby running leaner and more effective), which in turn sharpens the bottom line.

Peter has made the world of digital business and marketing his forte, and is ready to help you further  your success!

Peter Spinda: Digital Strategist – Consultant | Digital Marketing (Internet Marketing), Traditional Marketing and Sales Specialist. Peter is a Digital Marketing Specialist based in Brisbane and provides services to clients around Australia.