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Christopher Smith


Christopher Smith

About Christopher Smith

Chris is an accomplished Strategic Management & Marketing professional with over 40 years experience in marketing, corporate communications and advertising. He has worked with some of our biggest blue-chip companies, and a great many start-ups and small to medium companies, to provide effective outcomes that frequently outstrip the client’s expectations.

With a solid grounding in company analysis and reporting, he is focused on accelerating the growth of your business by providing you with professional strategic and marketing guidance that includes:

  • Research
  • Branding
  • Traffic and visibility studies
  • Cultural awareness
  • Identification of new markets
  • Market share analysis
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Incremental sales opportunities
  • Event creation
  • The provision of incremental media funding where possible

Chris has also worked alongside Austrade and the other government departments, both in Australia and overseas to identify and place first time Australian exporters in Asian and Middle Eastern markets; and to link potential trading partners on a business-to-business basis. He has enabled clients or projects in Australia, the United States, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait and can provide you with strategic and cultural analysis on your company’s export potential.

Whilst Chris has often operated globally, he has maintained an involvement with corporate and retail sales strategies on many Queensland companies in the areas of tourism, retail and property.

He enjoys considerable ‘hands-on’ experience in the fields of marketing and advertising. With an extensive catalogue of successful cinema, television, radio, press, outdoor, guerrilla and online advertising campaigns under his belt he is well placed to advise on the suitability of downstream advertising services.

Chris is an experienced writer with demonstrable skills in strategy documentation, marketing planning & documentation, advertising copywriting, annual reports, feature writing and editing.

Chris believes successful businesses are best built from solid foundations. He works with you to first establish the fundamentals such as a true understanding your product/ service as a consumer benefit and that your entire team is brand focused accordingly. This sounds simple enough, but Chris says he has seen many companies fall at this first vital hurdle. With this box ticked, he will analyze and research suitable markets and develop a marketing plan that delivers your product/service to the widest possible qualified audience in the most cost effective manner.

He is results focused and he brings a strong level of commitment and dedication to his clients.

Specialising in marketing, strategic planning, export facilitation & global trade synergy.