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People Management and Development / Human Resource Management (HRM)

Gibsons Business Consulting offers a range of human resource management services and capabilities to assist you to manage the performance of your staff and optimise their output.

Many businesses say that their most important resource is their people.

They are right, but how many businesses have the people management know how to:

  • Attract and retain the best staff
  • Create a business culture that will bring out the best in their people
  • Have their employees engaged with the business and its goals
  • Build strong teams
  • Develop effective leaders

An initial discussion with a Gibsons business consultant to find out more about what we can do for you is free of charge, free of obligation and only a phone call away.

Human Resources Planning

  • Establish the organisation structure that you need to deliver your business goals.
  • Define the skills that you have in the organisation and where the gaps are.
  • Develop the training and or recruiting program required to fill the gaps and the target timeframe to do it in.

Employer of Choice Program

In a highly competitive employment market, you can greatly enhance your ability to attract and retain good staff – at all levels of your organisation – by implementing an Employer of Choice Program.

The program will:

  • Provide you with techniques for interviewing and recruiting staff
  • Ensure everyone understands what the expectations are from the employer and employee in relation to the job
  • Provide career paths for employees
  • Develop flexible remuneration systems for employees that are responsive to the reality of a competitive environment
  • Create effective communication processes between management and staff
  • Provide constructive staff performance management and appraisal processes
  • Ensure employees have the tools and environment they need to do their jobs
  • Identify and promote your Employee Value Proposition

An Employer of Choice Program can provide a foundation to your human resource management (HRM) strategies and staffing initiatives as well as supporting business owners and managers in their day-to-day people management.

Succession Plans

Don’t wait until you are ready to retire before you start to consider a Succession Plan. An effective Succession Plan will depend on you having the people and processes in place for the business to be able to run independently of any single individual. Then you need to decide what your actual exit strategy is and consider the financial and legal implications.

Having an effective Succession Plan means that you can be involved in the business as much or as little as you want. It is the key to having flexibility and some sense of work / life balance.

Similarly, do you have human resource plans and processes in place to cater for the loss of staff members in senior management roles in your business?

Leadership Development

The engagement level of your staff and the success of your business are highly dependent on the leadership skills of your supervisors and managers. Gibsons business consultants can help you to build those skill levels by:

  • Establishing the leadership levels that currently exist in your business.
  • Defining the skills, work values and time applications required for each leadership level.
  • Assessing your current leaders and developing plans to make them more effective in their current roles.
  • Identifying the future leaders in your business and developing training programs for them.
  • Developing tailored training and mentoring programs that deliver the best outcomes for your business.

Our Leadership Development Programs include the application of 360 degree Assessment Tools developed by the Real World Group in the UK. Real World Group was founded in 2001 by Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe and Dr John Alban-Metcalfe, both world-renown experts in leadership and organisational culture.

All of the diagnostic tools used by Gibsons business consultants are based on proven research into what works in improving the effectiveness of individuals, teams and whole organisations. At the same time they focus on enhancing sustainability through improved well-being and positive attitudes to work.

Leadership, governance, culture and diversity and inclusion are the main focus of Real World Group’s research, which continues to be regularly published.

Management Mentoring

It’s great to have the plans and strategies that you need to successfully take your business into the future, but what about implementing them?

Gibsons business consultants know what it is like to run a business and understand that there are times when you as a business owner or manager need help, advice or the opportunity to discuss an idea with someone who can provide constructive feedback. We don’t just develop the plan and then walk away. Our business consultants will tailor a mentoring program to provide whatever level of assistance you need.