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ATL Composites


ATL Composites

Industry: Manufacturing

ATL Composites has been established for more than 30 years. The company manufactures and distributes epoxy resins for laminating, filling and adhesive applications. It also manufactures flat composite panels that it primarily supplies into the marine industry.
They are among world leaders in the manufacture and application of high tech, composite materials having exported their technology for the manufacture of laminated panels to Germany as well as having developed an epoxy resin suitable for use in the construction of the Deep Sea Challenger which descended to the deepest point in the ocean.
ATL’s business was heavily oriented toward the boat building industry in Australia which has declined significantly since the GFC in 2008. Gibsons has worked with ATL to develop a strategic plan for the future which included in-depth research and evaluation of alternative markets. The result was a marketing plan that is sharply targeted at a number of alternative opportunities to provide future growth. In addition, we have revised their organisation structure, provided them with a set of HR policies and procedures and provided guidance on the system and process changes that will be required to deliver the outcomes that they wish to achieve.